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IFSC World climbing championsship in Paris 2016


14th to 18th September 2016:

What an extraordinary week of climbing! The IFSC World Championship took place at the Accor Hotels Arena in Bercy (Paris) for the second time – and was even bigger and more spectacular than the first.

The arena was packed with thousands of fans and even more LIVE viewers supporting their favorite athletes with a lot of passion. And the audience got rewarded by the screams of exertion and ear-to-ear smiles from the best Sport Climbers in the world.

We are proud, that Y&Y Vertical was the outfitter of the 26 official belayers in the competitions of Speed, Lead and Paralympics. 300 climbers participated and had to be belayed in each category. The belay specs of Y&Y Vertical proofed their usability and provided a high level of comfort and safety during the whole competition.

Y&Y Vertical is proud to have supported this great event. We love climbing and therefore we want to support different events. It doesn’t matter if it is outdoor or indoor, if it is local or global. Climbing is way more than being a sports and it is our aim to let it grow outside the envelope!

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