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Official Supplier for the World climbing championsship 2016


1st June 2016 : It's official! We offer 26 belayers our glasses for the world championsship, that goes from 14th to 18th September 2016.

They will have not only the honor, but also the burden of belaying hundreds of world-class climbers! With this strong rate of intensity their neck will be heavily loaded. This could happen if they do not count on the Y & Y eyeglasses. 

"We wanted to offer the belayers of the World climbing championsship the best conditions as possible . Of course the glasses are offered for the insurers, and they are not obligated to use them." Says Anne-Marie Midy, communications director of FFME .: "It allows us to make this product known. We have so far received very good feedback from the users.

In May, we organized a training course in the climbing gym Karma, where the belayer where able to discover the glasses that would protect their neck! There was for each pair of glasses and a short instruction of a few minutes, after that  each belayer was able to belay independent.


We bet that you will wear the belay glasses during the whole beautiful climbing event!

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