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Séb Bouin on Mangarbo 9a/+!


Last year, Seb Bouin repeated Chilam Balam, 9a+/b, in the Villanueva del Rosario cave in Andalusia. Now he has been back for more.

He did three routes: Mandanga total (9a), Bushido de shiva (8c+) and Mangarbo (9a/+)

This is the story of Mangarbo :
Mangarbo is a tribute to the first name of the Planta de shiva. There are two equippers that worked on the Planta de shiva. The first guy bolted the second pitch before bolting the first which he called Garbo. And the second guy who bolted the second pitch after which they called  [the whole route] Planta de Shiva.
Mangarbo is a combination between Mandanga total and the second pitch of the Planta de shiva. Which leads to Mangarbo being a mix between Mandanga and Garbo. 
This route joins the Planta de shiva in the middle of the second pitch. You do all the hard part of the Mandanga Total and you finish with resistence in the Planta. This route is very cool because you start with the continuity and finish with lots of resistance.

For the grade of Mangarbo Séb Bouin proposes 9a/9a+ , we will see with the next repititions. Edu Marin is there, he's trying Mangarbo and La Planta de Shiva. 

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