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Use for professionnals


At the beginning Y&Y Vertical designed glasses to solve belayers' problem.

As the company is developping and the quality of our belay glasses is being recognized, many professionals contact us for use out of the climbing domain.

We are opened to discuss and find solutions for workers who encounter cervical problems at their work.


The bad posture in this picture shows how the neck problem is caused.

Wearing Y&Y belay glasses allows workers to keep a natural posture and, therefore, solves the problem.


For some professions, like the maintenance of the electricity network, using belay glasses can enhance the security effectively as the workers will no longer need to relax their necks. This will lead to a better focus on the objects or persons they watch.

If you or your company have such needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to exchange ideas with you in order to develop a product which meets your needs perfectly.


We also provide solutions for leisure activities related to verticality. We are opened to any discussions in order to bring comfort and safety to everyone.

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