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Stands on the French World Cups


20/07/2015. The month of July was very intense for the Y&Y Vertical team. One week in particular! Arriving on July 10, we installed our stand at the Chamonix World Cup for the whole weekend. The show was up to expectations in front of a large crowd which went crazy for our French champions, especially for Romain Desgranges, the local climber.
Then we continued with the Briançon World Cup on the following Wednesday, no rest... Although we hadn't yet recovered from all the excitement in Chamonix, we rocked again! In Briançon, same atmosphere but in a more casual style. The unexpected victory of Gauthier Supper will be long remembered especially over serious competitors like Adam Ondra. We will also remember that the official belayers used Y&Y belay glasses! Their necks are still thanking us! On our side it was a great way to promote belay glasses and approach the IFSC.
After the rush, the Y&Y Vertical team goes on vacation, do not disturb them, they will come back stronger than ever after the summer!

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